COMME DES GARçONS x Marc Hundley (Nordstrom campaign)

Commes de Garcon x Marc Hundley Nordstrom ad campaign

Web banner ads animated in Premiere for the CDG x Marc Hundley Nordstrom ad campaign. I created these during my time at Look Studio.

Theory Good Wool Campaign

Theory Good Wool Campaign

Web banner ads for Theory's "Good Wool" campaign, created in Premiere Pro. These were designed to showcase their suit collection.

"Our most environmentally responsible collection to date, Good Wool is made from premium, traceable Australian merino wool that is woven at a century-old Italian mill using the latest energy-saving technology. Soft and lightweight with a bit of stretch, it is mindfully manufactured from start to finish." -Theory

The Sultan Room + The Turk's Inn

The Sultan Room

Promotional materials for The Sultan Room music venue and The Turk's Inn restaurant. Featured here are Instagram Tiles for our social media.

Costa Brazil X Look STUDIO

Look Studios X Costa Brazi

Reel for Costa Brazil. This is Francisco Costa’s sustainable beauty brand celebrates the spirit, culture and natural resources of Brazil. Entirely street-cast in Rio, the results of that trip are photographs and videos that speak to the country’s natural wealth of inspiration—and created an entire year's worth of branded content in four days.

Cosmic Renewal Proposal

Cosmic Renewal

“Cosmic Renewal: The Dawn of a New Space Age” is a mock-exhibit that both defines and dissects the intersection of technology, spacetime, and art. The collection presents work that both embodies and harnesses the themes and motifs of the Space Age, and looks to consider the historical context and how these notions have been increasingly brought into the foreground. The exhibition showcases pieces – ranging from film, music, fashion, and furniture – that span over six decades. “Cosmic Renewal” joins these pieces in an intricate yet symbiotic relationship, coexisting to form a larger whole that leads the way towards a new Space Age, one that is rooted in experience and practice without foregoing the elation and thrill of its predecessor.

Artist Portfolio Site for Carol Peligian

Artist's portfolio site for Carol Peligian


The website I created for the multi-disciplinary artist, Carol Peligian

Site for the musician Melanie Charles

Melanie Charles's Website


Website created for the musician Melanie Charles, built in Squarespace with custom code.